The Valley of the Sun has a new pest, the Ficus (or Fig) Whiteflly.  This pest was most likely imported from Florida last year and attacks Ficus Benjamina and Ficus Nitida.  As the nymphs feed they can cause leaf drop and/or defoliation of the tree, leaving it susceptible to secondary problems from our intense Arizona sun.  We apply professional grade materials with a soil drench and, if needed, a foliar spray.  In addition to Safari and/or Imidicloprid, our applications include specialized fertilizers, vitamins, trace elements, and Bio-Feed to give your tree the best possible chance of recovering.  We are working closely with the UofA Extension Service and University of Florida Extension service.  We recommend a well-timed systemic treatment as a preventive now that the whitefly is part of our ecosystem.  

Weed Control

Desert landscape weed control clients like the Phoenix Desert Botanical Gardens know they can trust Scottsdale Weed Control to rid their gardens of invasive weeds without harming sensitive plants. Our knowledgeable and dedicated staff will treat your natural xeriscaping with the care it deserves. We professionally apply pre and post emergent to desert landscape. Each application carries a 6 month warranty to keep your property looking it's best. 

Artificial Turf

Our sister company Liberty Greens specializes in artificial turf and putting greens. If you are tired of battling nature to keep your lawn pristine year around then you should visit their website at Liberty Greens uses all American made products and has been designing and installing artificial turf landscapes for almost 15 years now.  Liberty Greens is also based out of Scottsdale but will travel anywhere in Arizona for an artificial turf project. Did you know a 1200 sq ft yard consumes about 30,000 gallons of water per year? That's a lot of water to use in the desert! As water prices go up you can rest assured that your artificial lawn will look pristine for years to come and also save you money in the future. If you live in Arizona and are thinking about artificial turf, contact Liberty Greens today for a free consultation/estimate!

Ficus Whiteflies

Sissoo Trees

Sissoo trees are a popular, fast growing shade tree that many homeowners have had the misfortune of planting.  The roots of these trees are highly invasive and can extend out from the tree 100 feet or more in search for water.  These roots are shallow, as witnessed by the photo to the left.  (The roots of two sissoos have grown under an artificial putting green.)  These roots can crack sidewalks, foundations, walls, cool decking , damage pool pumps and filters, and more.  Also, once the tree is damaged, i.e. the homeowner cuts it down, or attempts to remove the roots, these roots will sprout numerous and seemingly limitless suckers.  We can drill the stump and roots as soon as the tree is felled to kill the stump and roots.  Call us and we will coordinate with your tree company to get the best possible result.       



Our Services

Live Turf

SWC designs custom-mixed fertilizers to supply your turf with exactly what it needs to stay healthy and green. Our powerful weed control treatments, applied either before or after weeds sprout, will keep your lawn weed-free all year long. We specialize in eliminating crabgrass and nutsedge—two of your lawn's most troublesome weeds


Your trees are an important part of the landscape. That's why SWC are experts in the care of queen palms, date palms and olive trees. We'll treat your palm trees with fungicide, deep-root aeration and fertilization to make them more robust than ever. We'll also sterilize your olive trees, to stop their fruit from dropping and staining your patio and driveway. Ray also accurately diagnoses any problems or concerns with any trees, not just palms or olives. He can treat problems ranging from insect infestations and fungal infections, to nutrient deficiencies.